Benefits of Sage CRM to the Marketing Director

AccTech Systems Sage CRM
Operational CRM provides support to “front office” business processes, including sales, marketing and service. Each interaction with a customer is generally added to a customer’s contact history, and staff can retrieve information on customers from the database when necessary.

As Marketing Director, Brandon Miller is responsible for the overall marketing plan and marketing budget. In recent times, his budget and resources have been severely cut, meaning he now has to do more with less and is under increased pressure to demonstrate return on marketing investment.

Sage CRM provides marketing users with the tools to target the right customer at the right time, eliminating guesswork and optimizing marketing resources. With Sage CRM, Brandon can track and analyze marketing activities efficiently and easily.

Sage CRM provides effective controls for monitoring marketing budget and can also calculate direct revenue yields. Sage CRM’s reporting capabilities helps Brandon track lead sources so he can focus his marketing activity on prospects that are more likely to purchase, increasing RoI and maximizing marketing spend. Graphs and reports can be displayed on the interactive dashboard for quick reference, enabling Brandon to analyse data in real-time. And integration with leading Sage ERP systems enables Brandon to generate accurate RoI calculations for better marketing measurement.

Benefits of Sage CRM to the Marketing Director

  • Reduces marketing administrative overhead and enables marketing budget to be tracked and managed
  • Leads to decreased cost per lead
  • Leads to decreased cost per customer acquired
  • Reduces marketing campaign lead times
  • Delivers detailed information on the lifetime value of customers and enables profitable customers to be easily identified
  • Enables real-time marketing performance analysis
  • Optimizes marketing spend
  • Enables tracking of variance against targets
  • Enables close alignment with the sales department and other key stakeholders
  • Provides improved intelligence to marketing on lead generation activities
  • Enables accurate measurement of marketing campaign ROI
  • Ensures customers receive the right marketing message at the right time
  • Delivers the ability to identify and provide customized products/services to different customer segments
  • Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive marketing information on the interactive dashboard
  • Enables successful campaigns to be cloned easily for consistent execution and departmental collaboration
  • Deliver full marketing workflow out-of-the-box
  • Tracks open, click, and bounce rates for detailed analysis of campaign effectiveness