Benefits of Sage CRM to the Finance Director

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Budget management and cost control are the key responsibilities as Director of Finance. Due to the challenging economic climate, she keeps an even tighter grip on the purse strings these days, and only considers solutions that offer a low total cost of ownership and a fast return on investment.

Thanks to its ease of use and speed of deployment, Sage CRM is effective from day one, meaning it starts paying for itself immediately, delivering rapid ROI. As Sage CRM is quick and easy to customize, it was deployed quickly in Paul’s organization by their Sage-accredited Business Partner, reducing the total cost of ownership.

With Sage CRM, the Finance Director has greater visibility on key performance metrics across her organization which she accesses daily through her bespoke interactive dashboard. Thanks to Sage CRM’s tight integration with her Sage ERP system, she now has a 360 degree view of the business across the front- and back-office, for more accurate business performance visibility. She can also drill down into the sales forecast and pipeline for greater insight and better business management.

Benefits of Sage CRM to the Finance Director

  • Drives revenue growth
  • Improves market share
  • Improves business/shareholder value
  • Improves profitability
  • Offers depth and breadth of functionality at a competitive price with a low TCO
  • Delivers rapid ROI
  • Leverages financial information from the back-office system for a complete view of the business
  • Measures customer value and identifies the most profitable customers
  • Enables easy management of revenue/budget variance
  • Enables real-time corporate performance management
  • Improves corporate visibility and control
  • Improved responsiveness to critical business needs
  • Offers flexible payment and deployment options, on-premise and on-demand