Concrete Manufacturing

Concrete Manufacturing

Manufacture value as perceived by the customer to deliver the products and services they expect.


One simple way to improve productivity is by using workflows. Microsoft D365 has a host of standard workflows out the box across all processing scenarios which offer improved maintainability and low implementation costs. Embrace optimised manufacturing tools to improve your production processes. Manufacture value as perceived by the customer; the actual features and services that they expect. 

Inventory through overproduction is the biggest waste in manufacturing. Produce what the customer wants when they want it without it being delayed or being caught up in inventory. Use Dynamics 365’s manufacturing process control capabilities to eliminate waste.

Manufacturing Process

  • Improved customer service – delivering exactly what the customer wants when they want it.
  • Improved Productivity – with improvements in throughput
    and value add per person.
  • Quality – reductions in defects and rework.

Improve Your Available to Promise (ATP) Hit Rate

  • Gain customer satisfaction and retention through reliable and realistic ATP quotes
  • Quote meaningful delivery dates by helping your salesforce know how production capacity is scheduled
  • D365 has a single data source so all supply chain data is available for reliable ATP to become a reality

Meet Revenue Goals and Empower Sales

  • Mobile sales know immediately which product lines are on promotion
  • Mobile sales people look professional when they have immediate access to
    marketing and sales aids at the press of a button
  • Take customer orders online in front of the customer.

Have Real Time Access to Production Measurements

  • Track production inputs, outputs and costs by using built-in PowerBI Production Performance Content
  • Designed for production managers who are responsible for production control
  • Analyse production variances, Project future performance and get detailed insights into product defects

Use the Internet of Things for Optimal Performance

  • Prevent costly equipment failures by analysing streamed equipment data
  • Increase factory efficiencies by using machine learning to schedule maintenance when machines aren’t in use
  • Learn from machine behaviour to improve your products.

Use Workflows to Optimize Manufacturing Processes

  • Improved productivity – D365 has a host of standard workflows for all processing scenarios
  • Enhanced workflows – using the graphical workflow designer to provide a level of  control
  • Eliminate manual tasks that can lead to errors or oversights by streamlining your manufacturing processes

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