Your Business Future With Technology Explained in 99 Seconds

In our current business world today, where we all operate with real world environments around accounting systems, payroll, human capital, manufacturing, marketing, sales, Customer Engagements, email, backups, security, meetings, leave, labour, schedule, search, projects, admin, filing, logistics, expenses, late financials, reporting, information and not intelligence… to name but a few…

Microsoft and the AccTech Systems invites you to the “99 second business technologies explained by business people” show.

In this 2,5 hour seminar, we will explain the latest technologies business people get bombarded with: like Cloud, the FOG, Digital Transformation, Collaboration, Social Engagement, Bots and Automation, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, the Intelligent Edge, the Inner and Outer -loop of pervasive communication, and the best of all… Ubiquitous Computing…

The biggest Technology Investment in Africa is happening in South Africa

Microsoft is building 2 Azure Regions, with multiple data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town right now. 

This will be live by year end 2018.   What will this mean for business in SA and Southern Africa?

We invite you to join Microsoft, Sage and AccTech to experience the Future of Better Business

Limited seats are available during this session, so please book now.

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