AccTech Systems Time Attendance & Access Control

Workforce Management Solutions

Securing your time and resources

XTime is a specialised workforce management suite comprised of modular hardware and software components. It is specially designed around the multitude of business demands and aspects pertaining to the management of your workforce, health & safety, cost, security and access control.

XTime is the chosen operation critical system within many countries within a wide variety of sectors including mining, oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing operations.

Basic Features:

  • Safety and Certification
  • Basic clocking on and off duty
  • Timetable Management
  • Exception driven
  • Paperless Time Sheets
  • Automated Payroll Related Information
  • Audit Reports

Time and Attendance (T&A) systems are used to manage team member attendance, scheduling and associated payroll information with the effective tracking of hours worked, based on company policies.

Access control T&A System

  • Improved site team member identification
  • Site contractor and visitors control
  • Improved Health & Safety certification control
  • Improved headcount tracking
  • Minimizing time sheet fraud
  • Minimizing overtime fraud
  • Leave tracking and management

Integrated Access Control & Time Management

  • Biometric Access Control & Time Recording
  • Turnstile Gates
  • Access Control
  • Management software that allows for detailed reporting
  • Integration to HRIS
  • Leave roster allocation
  • Business Day of in Lieu tracking

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