Is your business software as adaptable as you are?

Businesses in the forestry and timber industry face fundamental challenges when it comes to operational computer systems.


Tracking and Tracing of seedlings, bags, pockets and parcels, trees, logs, stacks and boards. Mobility; the ability to track and trace from anywhere on any device; outside in the nursey, from felling operations, at the roadside, from the log stack and in the yard. AccTech Systems has developed an operational system for the forestry and timber industry that is gaining acceptance as the most effective solution in the industry.  If you can operate a phone, you can operate our system.


Measure your recovery processes from your wet-mill through your dry-mill on a process by process basis.  Imagine being able to react within a day to correct under‑recoveries or problems w.r.t productivity in your Forestry and Saw Mill operations. Plan and schedule maintenance to minimise production stoppages that result in costly production losses.

Join us for our Timber Showcase and a walk through the system to see how it can make a real difference in the daily operations of your business.  It makes up-to-date, real-time and accurate information available to everyone who needs it to make more informed decisions.



  • Forestry Operations
  • Sawmill Operations
  • Bar-coding and Stock Tracking
  • Fleet and Plant Maintenance




3 August 2017 | 09:00-12:00 (Registration opens @ 08:00)

Victoria Country Club, 170 Peter Brown Dr,

Town Bush Valley, Pietermaritzburg.