Self service reporting made easy with acctech advanced analytics


Self-Service Reporting


Self-service business intelligence solutions empower users to take control of their reporting and data analytics needs.  Unfortunately, there remains a need for knowledge and understanding of the underlying data structure, table relationships and field names. Enterprise Resource Planning databases are designed for transactional processing which can result in cumbersome queries having to be designed for reporting purposes and detracting from the self-service experience.


AccTech Advanced Analytics(A3) Simplifies, Automates and Optimizes Source Data by:

  • Optimizing the data structures for reporting and BI purposes;
  • Creating user-friendly field and table names;
  • Pre-defining relationships;
  • Pre-calculating metrics;
  • Data formatting;
  • Creating a standard time dimension (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Semester, Annual etc.);
  • Consolidating different account charts into one standard reporting chart of accounts;


Following a simple 4-step process, A3 is installed and a connection to a single, or multiple ERP systems is established:

  • Add source connection details;
  • Add destination connection details;
  • Map accounts to reporting hierarchies;
  • Run ETL process to build the data warehouse & schedule the warehouse to process updates at a convenient time.


Using the write-back connector, non-standard trial balances may be mapped and loaded into the A3 data warehouse, providing seamless reporting over multiple source systems. Included in the multitude of uses for the write back connector is the ability to include:

  • Budgeting and forecasting data load;
  • Opening balances/non-standard ERP information;
  • Statistical data;
  • Consolidation entries.


A3 can connect to:

  • Sage 300cloud ERP;
  • Sage ERP X3;
  • VIP Premiere;
  • Production Statistics for the mining industry.


The custom table connector facilitates the incorporation of data from any ODBC (open database connectivity) compliant data source into the data warehouse. Relationships between ERP data and custom information are created and are made available for reporting, dashboarding and drill-down within the self-service environment. Additional connectors are easily incorporated into the solution using the custom table functionality. A3 provides the end-user with a data source containing data that is clean, optimized and ready for reporting and data analytics. There will be no, or very little, need for assistance, making the self-service end user experience simple and enjoyable.