SCM Compliance Workshop

    AccTech systems and IS2 solutions invites you to explore the latest best practices for Supply Chain Management in your organisation Our Speaker Marie Holtzhausen has more than 10 years’ experience in SCM compliance and legislation. Her supply chain experience includes:
  • Project Management
  • Development of Policies, directives, business processes and models
  • Development of SCM toolkits

“What gets measured, Gets managed” Peter Drucker

  • Compliance in terms of legislation
  • ISO requirements in terms of a procurement system
  • Procurement policy
  • Manage your Vendors with AccTech VRM
  • Secondary procurement policy
  • Rotating electronic database (CSD)
  • Procurement made easy with AccTech BPM and CSD Vendor rotation

12 October 2017 | Premium House Grey Owl Village Brakfontein & Erasmus Drive Louwlardia, 0157

Centurion | 09:00 -12:00