Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management for Mining


Improve efficiencies through technology by strengthening mine planning, budgeting, and cost control.

  Using advanced analytics from a solid source, mining organisations are enabled to reduce the costs of safety, maintenance, and other cost-intensive programs on a sustainable basis simply by examining component costs. With accurate analytics, mining organisations can:
  • Uncover underlying costs by assessing the entire process to identify exceptions.
  • Improve decision making and asset performance by measuring both financial and non-financial indicators that affect profitability.
  • Improve asset utilisation, streamline planning and optimise resources.
  • Use emerging metrics to manage operational costs.
  • Improve budget and risk management.
  • Plan capital budget with multilevel reporting
  • Track transactions against the Capital Project
  • Budget VS Actual VS Forecast reporting
  • Seamlessly link with fixed assets
  • Integrated solution
  • Tracking of expenditures
  • Breakdown structure for capitalization