Project Job Management

Sage Project Job Management

Sage X3 comes with a powerful Project Job Management (PJM) module which applies processes, methods, knowledge and skills to achieve the objectives of your projects. Fully integrated with the other modules within Sage including financials, invoicing, purchasing, manufacturing or CRM, the PJM module provides you with a greater visibility and control over your projects and save you time while improving your efficiency.

Financial Overview

The module presents a detailed financial overview which allows you to keep track of the financial performance of your projects in REAL-TIME. You will be able to assess the margins against both your cost structure and your task planning (discussed below) simultaneously. The financial overview is ideal to assess the viability of your projects, monitor your project budgets and even drill-down into the expense or revenue details.

Cost Breakdown Structure

The cost structure allows you to maintain a multi-level structure which is used as the guideline of your real-time budget tracking for a project.

Task Planning

The task planning complements the cost breakdown structure to manage your operational duties. Again a multi-level structure can be setup to define the project operations and all products to be bought or sold to facilitate the planning of your projects.

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