Process Manufacturing

AccTech Systems Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 provides companies in a process manufacturing environment, (whether it be food & beverage, chemical or life sciences) with an ERP solution tailored to the unique and specialised requirements common to this manufacturing mode.  As a real-time, multi-legislative, multilingual and multi-currency solution, Sage ERP X3 is designed to meet this industry’s requirements, in order to address these some of the following challenges:

•    Regulatory Compliance

Establish a production system that complies with regulatory requirements such as FDA (CFR 21 Part 11) and REACH and RoHS, Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing provides audit functions to ensure traceability of each action, electronic signature and document management. Fast access to information using the Web 2.0 portal and graphical process views assist users to achieve compliance with standards and procedures

•    Product development

From the definition in the laboratory to manufacturing Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing reduces the time to market and with PLM Integration (Product Life Cycle Management) you can manage and track changes to your formulas and recipes, life cycle and development costs. Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing helps to improve the new product introduction process through better collaboration between R&D and production departments.

•    Manage the Quality Process and meet Safety Standards

Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing delivers a fully integrated quality control process from receipt of products to production and to delivery. Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing enables rigorously to enforce inspections and ensure your products conform to required characteristics, operational tolerances or expected results with a traceability upstream and downstream.

•    Optimizing the supply chain

From purchase request through receipt and then to manufacture and delivery from production, Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing automates all steps with RF (radio frequency) barcoding and scanning. Integrated with the manufacturing transactions, weigh scale integration ensure real-time, accurate control of recipes and stock usage. Sage ERP X3 for Process Manufacturing your business processes throughout the entire supply chain management with an easy to use but powerful solution

Process Manufacturing