AccTech Systems Sage ERP X3
The Inventory or Stock Management module in Sage ERP X3 provides a common repository for maintaining product information used in sales, purchasing, warehousing and production.  Sage ERP X3 manages lots, serial numbers, shelf life, expiration dates and potency.  Supported costing methods include standard, average unit, FIFO, LIFO, last, lot and order cost. Sales information referring to substitutes, supersession’s, warranty periods, customer products and packaging is also provided. Products can be handled in various units of measure including stock, sales, purchasing and packing, and in different types such as volume and length.

Main Inventory features include:

  • Multistage warehousing and site management
  • Tracking and management of stock movements and transactions
  • RF data acquisition
  • Quality control
  • Accurate cost calculation
  • Acquisition price tracing
  • Stock control
  • Procurement
Acquisition price tracing