Sage CRM



Designed for businesses like yours

Manage your customers, leads, sales and marketing opportunities and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) more efficiently. Over 15 000 mid-sized companies worldwide use the Sage CRM software to accelerate sales, drive business productivity and make every customer interaction count. It is especially used by growing enterprises seeking new ways to interact with customers, use the power of social media and take advantage of the latest mobile trends to grow their businesses. In cooperation with Sage ERP, customers enjoy a better business insight, increased efficiencies and productivity and they also gain a single, customer-centric view across the entire organisation. So, whether you are just starting out or have an established company, Sage CRM can help accelerate your business success.

Optimise your Business

Sage CRM ensures that all sales, marketing and customer service resources are utilised to optimal effect.

Reduce Spending

Sage CRM reduces one’s cost-of-sale and the cost of your marketing leads.

Improved Customer Service

This tool ensures that you meet customer service level agreements.

Helps Identify Problems

Sage CRM enables you to identify problems early on and take action immediately.

Provides Leverage

Sage CRM enables you to identify revenue opportunities within your current customer base.

Empowers Staff

With Sage CRM, company staff are given everything they need to provide superior customer service.

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