New to Sage 300cloud ERP

If you are looking for a new accounting and financial solution for your business you’ve come to the right place.  Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) offers your business the freedom of choice in selecting only the modules you require for your exact business.

Key Features:

Designed for growth

Whatever your needs, from single-user remote locations to large corporate environments with multiple locations, the Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) can accommodate your requirements.

Upgrade smoothly from one version to the next as your business requirements change, safe in the knowledge that your data will easily move with you.

  • All Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) products have a uniform user interface, making it easy to upgrade without costly staff retraining or data conversion.
  • Enabling data processing across multiple servers, as your number of users increases you can spread the processing workload.
  • Deploy functionality according to your requirements, one step at a time, to match the pace of your growth.
  • Scalable depending on the edition you choose (Sage 300cloud  ERP Accpac 100, 200 or 500), you can choose to implement on-site or on-demand and easily move between the two.


A choice of options to match your needs

Streamlining integration across applications, you can select the Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) edition that best meets your business needs now, safe in the knowledge that it will grow with your business in the future.

Sage ERP Accpac 100

an entry level solution for growing businesses that require strong and secure financial and operations management, it can accommodate up to ten concurrent users and manage data for up to five different companies

Sage ERP Accpac 200

Building on capabilities of Sage ERP Accpac 100, but with the ability to accommodate up to 20 concurrent users and with no restriction on the number of companies that can be managed

Sage ERP Accpac 500

providing advanced inventory, purchasing, and order management with the ability to manage an unlimited number of concurrent users and companies

A single view of your business

Easy to set up and to use, the Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) offers complete access to business critical information through a standard web browser.

No longer limited by your location, you can now give everyone that needs it access to the information they need anywhere and at anytime, through our easy-to-use web-based interface.

  • Accurate and consistent information is available anywhere, anytime
  • Create a single view of your business and improve the visibility of real-time information to give you the ability to know what’s going on and to manage exceptions
  • A single source of accurate information helps you to minimises risks, enhance collaboration and control costs through streamlining operations
  • Supporting better informed, faster decision making across your organisation gives you a strategic advantage in an increasingly fast moving, global business environment

View the available modules here