Companion Solutions – Technisoft Service Manager

AccTech Systems Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac)
If your organisation, or a division of your organisation, is involved in aspects such as contracting, job cost management, preventative maintenance, equipment servicing, office automation, telecommunications or any other service industry, then your organisation can be one of the many to benefit from deploying a Service Manager solution. Technisoft Service Manager is a multi award winning service and maintenance application that can help manage the resources, products and services your business provides.

Sage ERP Accpac: Companion Solutions - Technisoft Service ManagerConsider these benefits:

  • The ability to control your entire business from a single point within an integrated accounting solution.
  • Save time and money by effectively managing you labour scheduling, stock availability, bob profitability, RMA’s site equipment records, and most importantly, manage your relationship with your customers
  • Critical analytical business information is readily available to you at all times.
  • You can create Service Level Agreements, Warranty and Meter Agreements to monitor and support your customers.
  • You can use the fault analysis tools to provide a quick and easy method to diagnose faults from symptoms and determine appropriate solutions each time a fault is reported or a question is asked.
  • Better management, better control, better information…Better profitability and service.

Major functional areas in Service Manager includes…


  • Create templates, quotations, jobs and projects.
  • Process multiple Invoices, credit Notes, or Cost only entries.
  • Create unlimited user-defined custom fields, and check-lists.
  • Notations include graphics, attachments, e-mails and follow-ups.
  • Requisition, purchase, receipt, and issue Inventory.
  • Allocate labour, subcontractors, overheads, and equipment to jobs (includes base/standard, employee, model and site rates).
  • Maintain and track work-in-progress (includes many recognition options). Identify profitability at a glance, compare budget variance against actual, identify percentage complete, and determine outstanding revenue and costs.
  • Includes multi-currency and Service Centre/Branch accounting.
  • Fully integrated to Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Serialized Inventory, Lot Tracking, eTransact (web store), and Chairman.


  • Labour tracking and job planning.
  • Schedule jobs and employees with drag and drop tools.
  • View workloads, plan ahead, allocate resources, record actual times, manage conflicts, and reschedule employees jobs.
  • Track resource utilization, profitability, non-billable time, unallocated time, commissions, and view employee statistics.


  • Tracking of serialized inventory and equipment (includes equipment transfers, warranty, rentals and returns).
  • Preventative maintenance functions allow you to create task and activity service procedures based on set conditions and schedules. Assign resources, take measurements / meter readings, and predict maintenance loading and material requirements…
  • View model and equipment history, and ascertain life-cycle financial profitability of equipment.


  • Full Agreement functionality, including service level, warranty, rental, and meter based agreements, with definable response prioritization, profitability and more…

Return Authorization:

  • Return Authorization sub-system with supplier and customer returns including warranty tracking, fault analysis, shipment tracking, and exchange / rotation tracking.


  • A fault analysis program contains a knowledge-base of symptoms, faults and solutions. This assists in the diagnosis and resolution of problems and records information in a knowledge base for future reference.

Query Tools:

  • Empower your organization with tools to easily report history and activity for customers and equipment.
  • Forms include job cards, equipment labels, picking slips, invoices, credit notes, quotations, and more… They can be customized to suit and new reports can be easily created.
  • Over 100 reports to choose from. Reporting tools such as Crystal Reports may be used to create new reports and edit existing reports.

Service Manager links the different aspects of the Service process and includes:

  • Quotations, Jobs, Projects, Invoices, Credits, Templates.
  • Job Planner, Labor Scheduling and Dispatch.
  • Response Tracking, Escalation Management.
  • Labor / Time Billing (Time Entry).
  • Scheduled, Conditional and Interval Based Preventative Maintenance, including Tasks & Activities, Budgeting, Loadings for Labor & Parts Requirements calculated in advance.
  • Service Level Agreements / Contracts.
  • Warranty, Manufacturer/Vendor & Customer Returns (RMA’s).
  • Serialized Tracking of Equipment.
  • Symptom, Fault, Solution Knowledge Base.
  • Metering (including conditional maintenance).
  • Site and Equipment History.
  • Rentals.
  • Requisitions and Purchase Orders.
  • Subcontracting.
  • Work In Progress, Profit Analysis, Budgeting (4 levels), Job Summaries.
  • Financial Distribution Statistics by Site, Employee, Model, Industry, and more.
  • Notations, Instructions, including File Attachments and Follow-ups.
  • Fully securitized Employee and Customer Web Portals.
  • PDA Mobile Field Solutions (online/offline).
  • Integration to Sage ERP Accpac GL/AR/IC/AP*/PO/SN/LT*/CRM.
  • Service Centers / Branches / Departments / Divisions, and more.

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