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ICINITI Order Entry (formerly called XML Gateway) is an XML enabled order entry solution designed to integrate existing eCommerce web sites with Accpac order entry.

Sage ERP Accpac: Companion Solutions - ICINITY Credit CardKey features include:

  • The Order Reader application is an Accpac add-in module executed through the Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) application’s user interface. The Order Reader application is typically installed on a workstation normally used for purposes of order entry.
  • The Order Reader application is designed to run as a minimized application on the Accpac user’s desktop. While the application is running, it periodically connects to a remote web server and requests any new orders. The polling period is configurable, but often set in the range of 1 to 5 minutes depending on the application. If the web site has no new orders, the Order Reader application sleeps until it is time to check the web server again. If the web server has one or more orders, it returns the next new order as an XML response message to the Order Reader. The Order Reader parses the order data from the XML message and inserts it as a new order in Accpac Order Entry.
  • The Order Reader can be configured to create new customer records in Accpac if an order is received from a customer not already configured in accounts receivable.
  • The XML Order Reader reads orders from the remote web server using secure HTTPS protocol. The data transferred from web server to the order reader is encrypted using standard 128 bit encryption technology.

The ReadOrder Service Page:

The Order Reader application submits requests to an ASP.NET application page ReadOrder.aspx installed on the remote web server. The web site application that creates the order records being read by ICINITI Order Entry can be implemented using any authoring system such as ASP, Microsoft Commerce Server, PHP, Java Server pages, ColdFusion etc. The ReadOrder.aspx page however requires Microsoft IIS and the ASP.NET runtime environment.

As an ASP.NET application, the ReadOrder page requires the following server software components:

  • Windows Server 2000 or 2003
  • IIS Web Service
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 with J#.NET Language support files
  • MSXML3 parser
  • ADO 2.7 or later
  • MS SQL Server or MySQL Database with ODBC driver


If your web application is hosted on a LINUX or UNIX platform and are unable to run ASP.NET, then you must implement the functions of the ReadOrder.aspx page on your platform. Your page must be capable of returning an XML response message containing the header and detail information for an order. There is a nominal charge for the additional documentation and technical support you will need to implement this page on your platform.

The following section “Web Server Database Tables” pertains only to the ReadOrder.aspx implementation for ASP.NET. If you are running a UNIX or LINUX platform and intend to implement a replacement page, you do not need to use the order entry tables described below.

Web Server Database Tables:

The ReadOrder.aspx application page looks for new order records in a set of order tables installed in the web server’s MS SQL or MySQL database. The order tables consist of the following Order Header Table. This table contains customer contact information, shipping address, billing address, freight charges, etc.

Order Detail Table – This table contains the individual line item records including Accpac item number, order quantity and ordering unit (eg. Each/Case/Box etc).

Order Save Table – A record is added to this table after a new order is added to the header and detail tables. A status column in the Order Save record indicates whether the order record is new, or whether it has already been read by the remote order reader application. This table is used by the ReadOrder.aspx page to determine the next order that should be returned in response to a request from the Order Reader application.

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