Companion Solutions – ICINITY Credit Card

AccTech Systems Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac)
ICINITI Credit Card Ver 2.0 represents another major breakthrough in credit card processing for mid-market businesses. For many firms, receiving payment by credit card initiates a complex and largely manual process of authorizations that is prone to input errors and security risks. ICINITI Credit Card is a fully integrated product that automates several processing steps so payments get posted effortlessly to the invoice and accounts receivable. Receipt entries even get separated into individual batches for American Express, VISA, Master Card, Diners Club and other cards so daily reconciliation is a snap.

Sage ERP Accpac: Companion Solutions - ICINITY Credit CardKey Features include:

  • Pre-authorize or pre-pay orders
  • Supports all major credit cards, including debit cards in the United Kingdom
  • Batch capture invoice payments for pre-authorized orders
  • Batch capture payments due for A/R invoices with scheduled payments
  • Makes A/R receipt entries. Creates daily receipt batches based on credit card type, as needed.
  • Issue credit card refunds against previously captured amounts
  • Routes multi-currency transactions to separate merchant accounts based on currency code. (Requires multi-currency capable payment gateway)
  • Integrates with Accpac user group security
  • Handles multiple Accpac company databases
  • Reports assist in reconciliation
  • Network server installation is supported
  • Easy setup
  • Use of industry standard payment gateways

CC Import Tool

The CC Importer allows you to:

  • Load Credit Card Information from a specifically formatted MS Excel spreadsheet into the ICINITI Credit Card program.
  • Ensure that your Credit Card Information is stored using encryption.

You must have the CCPP/ Iciniti Credit Card application fully installed and working, with a valid license activated before you can use the CC Importer tool.

Download the complete ICINITY Credit Card brochure