Companion Solutions – Assetware Asset Tracker

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Assetware Tracker enables you to manage assets from point of delivery through to physical verification of the asset location and cost centre deployment.

Process Flow:

Sage ERP Accpac: Companion Solutions - Assetware ManagerThe process starts at the delivery point. The receiving team enters asset details – serial numbers, asset tags, point of delivery, description, supplier and much more – into a PDA Scanner. Once this information has been recorded, it is available for input to the asset management business process. Typically, the information would be passed to the finance or asset management team for correlation with the purchase order or invoice details. Once this verification is complete, the information is uploaded to the asset management system.

Assetware Tracker allows you to perform a full, partial or interim physical audit of your assets. Typically the audit information is sourced from Assetware Manager. It can also be sourced from external products using various data and connection options.

Customised Solution:

The system produces comprehensive and fully customisable physical auditing reports. These provide information about assets which were

  • found
  • not found
  • found but not detailed within the source asset data
  • found but in a different location
  • This information is available in a variety of formats. The transactions resulting from the audit are them ready for verification and entry to Assetware Manager, or ready to be updated within an external data source.

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