AccTech Systems Softline VIP Payroll & HR
Softline VIP’s new HR application will offer a logical and integrated extension to VIP’s payroll offering. The HR offering has fully functional HR capabilities that stretch from job management and document management to fully functional performance management, succession planning, suitability analyses and much more.


The ability to manage jobs and positions

Premier HR can assist you to set up position profiles within your company.

The position profile option allows you to add:

  • The competence requirements for the position Key performance areas (KPA’s) and indicators (KPI’s) for the position.
  • The rating norms required for performance and will assist with future performance GAP analysis.
  • The reporting structure will assist with printing organisational charts.
  • History of previous incumbents of the position.

The basic requirements for the position can be indicated:

  • Qualifications and training required for the position.
  • Previous experience.
  • A points value can be allocated to indicate the importance of each area.
  • Employee suitability analysis can be done where a shortlist of suitable candidate for the position can be printed.

Employee management and recording of employee transactions

Premier HR can assist you to keep a complete employee record including employee transactions and document attachments.

Transaction history includes:

  • Items issued.
  • Affiliations / Memberships.
  • Medical History.
  • Occupational Injuries and disease.
  • Interview recording.
  • Disciplinary / grievance recording.
  • Training attended.
  • Qualifications obtained.
  • Recognition for prior learning.
  • Experience.

Employee management with succession and career planning

Premier HR can assist you to do career and succession planning for employees, which includes:

  • Indicating the earmarked position.
  • Recording the talent status of the employee.
  • Indicating the planned career path.

Employee performance reviews

Premier HR can assist you to keep and conduct performance and competence reviews.

Transaction history includes:

  • Review of performance and competence KPA’s, KPI’s.
  • Colour indicators can assist you to see performance gaps at a glance.
  • Performance goals as well as development plans can be set up per employee.
  • A summary of performance as well as proposed increase and bonus amounts can be indicated.

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