Technical Specification

AccTech Systems Softline VIP Payroll & HR
Balancing a salary journal is one of the most time consuming tasks in the payroll office. The VIP General Ledger interface will save you time and also allow you to allocate salary costs according to General Ledger account codes and cost centres.

Technical specification:

  • Single or multiple sets of account numbers can be defined.
  • Payroll analysis codes can be translated to different general ledger analysis codes.
  • Payments to third parties (e.g. Insurance Companies, Garnishee payments, etc.) may be posted separately.
  • Unique account code structures can be defined by using Cost Centre, Cost Department, Department, Job Grade, Category and Pay Point codes.
  • An individual’s cost can be split into 30 different Cost Centres per pay period.
  • A copy of the journal is printed during the export.
  • Account codes can be defined for groups of employees. The employee can be linked to the different account groups ensuring that the cost will be allocated accordingly.
  • A report showing financial information per account code is provided for reconciliation purposes.
  • Information for several companies may be exported in a single file.
  • Global changes on a Control screen can be done to maintain the general ledger account codes.

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