Multimedia in Mobile Apps

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Use Multimedia to Engage your Audience

Put multimedia in your consumer-facing apps and deliver your latest promotional videos, commercials, and product endorsements directly to your customer. Enrich enterprise apps with how-to videos, guides, and manuals to equip your mobile workforce with any type of information they need.

MicroStrategy Use Multimedia to Engage your Audience

Embed Multimedia into Mobile Apps

Mobilize your marketing and branding activities by building mobile apps that engage users with movies, product guides, brochures, documentation, and other educational materials. Embed videos, PDFs, books, and web content alongside your existing business apps to enrich the user experience with how-to guides and demonstrations.

Freedom of Design

MicroStrategy’s code-free design tools allow users to easily assemble great looking mobile app displays and workflows. Designers have complete freedom to build attractive and interactive layouts for their mobile apps that combine multimedia, backgrounds, images with touch and swipe-enabled panels and pages.

MicroStrategy Freedom of Design

Watch, Read, Email, Browse In Your App

Users expect a smooth, integrated app experience. Watch videos or view Twitter feeds within the same window. Access and read PDFs, link to email and contacts, and access any web content in a full page browser – all this, without ever leaving your app.

Conference and Events Apps

  • Enhance attendee satisfaction using interactive mobile apps for all of your events
  • Update content instantly and during the event making print deadlines a thing of the past
  • Integrate with social media for collaboration and networking
  • Change content throughout the conference to reflect releases and announcements

MicroSTrategy Conference and Events Apps

Sales Material Library Apps

  • Produce libraries of the latest sales content for your mobile workforce
  • Deliver only the latest and best presentations in a convenient mobile format
  • Reduce confusion caused by cluttered file systems that must be synced with field employee computers

MicroSTrategy Sales and Mobile Apps

Apps for Your Brands

  • Deliver the latest product information using videos, graphics, and pixel-perfect designs
  • Communicate product developments and available customer service
  • Offer loyalty programs and personalized content and coupons
  • Capitalize on the power of social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter

MicroStrategy Apps for your Brands