SAM Benefits


Cost Saving

Reducing Costs and Eliminating Waste

SAM gives you control over your operating costs for a healthier bottom line.

SAM can help you control costs by eliminating wasteful duplicate purchases and improving processes. Implementing and maintaining a good SAM plan gives you the information you need to know exactly how many licenses you have for each software title to optimize your assets, and to provide visibility so that you purchase only software you will use. Through increased efficiency and asset tracking, you can adapt quickly to expanding markets and find the most cost-effective way to handle your future needs as your company grows and matures.

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Control over software costs

SAM helps lower costs that are associated with buying and maintaining your software library. It encourages a centralised licensing process that lets you take advantage of volume discounts whenever possible.

Reduced support and maintenance costs

Backup and recovery systems are easier to maintain when it is clear what software goes where. In addition, by standardizing desktops and automating processes, you can dramatically reduce support by minimizing staff technical support requests. When software is deployed and maintained properly, employees usually require less technical support.

Optimized software deployment

With the right infrastructure in place to support your SAM program, you can automatically identify and deploy software upgrades, virus protection, and security updates. This not only helps control costs, but it saves you time and reduces hassles for your IT department and employees who use the software.

More data protection

SAM can save you money in the long run by ensuring that you have an appropriate disaster recovery plan in place to help protect your data, backup software, and licenses. By tracking all your software assets, you’ll have detailed information for good backup and recovery plans should the need ever arise. With a SAM Software Use Policy, you can also reduce unapproved software downloads and installations—and the viruses that often come with them—saving you even more.

Increased employee productivity

By standardizing software versions, you can avoid file conflicts and reduce file-sharing issues to make communication easier throughout your organization. By optimizing your processes, you enable management and other staff to work together seamlessly, which leads to increased productivity, better overall job satisfaction, and ultimately, more cost savings.