Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing



Microsoft Dynamics Marketing drives results


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is an integrated marketing resource management solution for planning, marketing operation, analytics, and execution across all channels – social, email, SMS, digital and traditional. In this rapidly changing world, companies need to adapt the way they engage with customers. Customers are now more informed and are further along the buying process by the time they engage with you. The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing CRM solution empowers your team to bring your marketing vision to life by planning, executing, and measuring campaigns across channels, from start to finish. Engaging customers, building your sales pipeline, and determining the impact of your marketing investments is all possible in real time.


Microsoft CRM’s marketing features:


  • Marketing planning, budgeting and tracking
  • Engage customers with personalised, multichannel campaigns
  • Build your sales pipeline and drive revenue
  • Trigger-based nurture programs
  • Insights into campaigns and targeting
  • Listen and engage customers on social
  • Monitor your global sentiment and brand presence
  • Marketing intelligence