Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Care


Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s service features empower companies to deliver end-to-end, self-assisted and onsite service. This allows the companies to increase support and loyalty to their brands by creating effortless and enjoyable experiences. This is achieved through industry leading technologies, including IoT, analytics and machine learning which gives our custom-built solution the scalability necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving customer service landscape. The service capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help position your brand to capitalise on an everything-as-a-service economy. So earn customers for life through increased productivity, personalised omni-channel service, actionable insights and adaptive service models.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM service capabilities:

  • Omni Channel Service – get a 360-degree customer view of all your critical data including customer feedback and social interactions. Up-to-date and historical insights available on an integrated platform ensures relevant, personalised and consistent engagements.
  • Portal – Transform your customer’s experiences by offering your service capabilities on the right platforms where your customers are.
  • Agent enablement – Empower your employees with the customer insight so they can act fast and offer extraordinary service, all from a centralised user interface.
  • Onsite service – Smart scheduling and optimised resource utilisation will provide the quickest way to achieve your ROI. Make your organisation integral part of the entire customer journey by uniting people, technology and processes.
  • Knowledge – Can help you continuously improve service metrics, increase brand advocacy and improve loyalty all with the right insights at the right time.
  • Service intelligence – Gain useful insights, detect trends and anticipate prospects by analysing customer behaviour and agent productivity.