Business Benefits

AccTech Systems iSolutions AMTAMT Asset Manager is a comprehensive suite of asset management tools that improve plant performance, reduce costs and increase uptime. Built to integrate with enterprise and accounting systems, AMT Asset Manager is for oganisations looking to implement a highly scalable best of breed solution or for those wanting to upgrade from an entry level computerised maintenance management system (CMMS).

Business Benefits

AMT delivers real value to maintenance operations in the following areas of equipment management:
Manage Maintenance Contracts First principles life cycle cost models are continually used to forecast contract profitability and risk. Potential issues are proactively highlighted before they become problems.


Accurate Resource Planning Based on the latest forward maintenance plan, resource requirements such as labour, parts and components are always known.


‘Real’ Maintenance Budgeting Based on first principle maintenance tasks with the ability to review against actual performance at any time a ‘real’ budget is available in minutes.


Lower Equipment Operating Costs By managing and optimising the equipment maintenance strategy and understanding equipment performance costs will come down.


Improve Availability By understanding down time causes and integrating condition monitoring information into the equipment strategy, better uptime can be achieved.