Procure to Pay

Make life easier by automating your Procure-to-Pay process

Stop using paper orders!

Introducing ModernFlow, our internationally acclaimed, process automation solution that dramatically improves company order management and efficiencies to achieve consistent operational excellence and business agility in today’s modern digital economy.

Join our Procure-to-Pay Webinar on Tuesday 18 August 09:00-09:45 and discover how you can manage your orders electronically with a complete audit trial.

5 Things you’ll learn about Modern Flow procure-to pay:

  • How to increase visibility in your business’s procure-to pay process
  • How it helps you reduce risks and data redundancy
  • How it increases productivity and performance
  • Its use of mobility to modernise your workplace
  • Its use of Artificial Intelligence
  • And many more

Join our expert speakers and discover how our transparent procurement process will give your organisation more insights into your procurement commitments and spend management.

John Pretorius
Renier Goetz

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