Mobile Accounting

AccTech Mobile Accounting

AccTech Mobile Accounting provides an agile and innovative advantage and complements your existing ERP platform. The Apps’ familiar interface does not require training. All major mobile platforms are supported natively for easy adoption in any organisation. Leveraging the device functionality like email, phone and camera makes processing ERP transactions richer and easier. Business App’s are assisting executives to access transaction details and key business intelligence indicators anytime, anywhere. Intuitive innovation with focus on making life easier for the busy decision makers, is all encompassed within AccTech’s Mobile offering.

Extension of your ERP | AccTech Mobile Accounting

Through a range of apps for Microsoft Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android and Blackberry, AccTech extends the power of your ERP beyond the confines of your traditional ERP environment.


Stay in control of your business; anywhere, anytime – essential for people on the move. Access and use Master Data to initiate and expedite business processes wherever you are, 24/7

AccTech eWorkflow 2013 | Business Process Management on the move

Technology and systems are being used to automate processes and to achieve gains in productivity and efficiency. Many organisations have deployed multiple and disparate systems that often lack the functionality to drive these efficiencies.

The AccTech eWorkflow 2013 solution is an intuitive role-based software process tool that easily manages business processes within the organisation. These automated and managed processes improve productivity and efficiency by routing transactions, tasks and activities, from person to person.

The AccTech eWorkflow 2013 App delivers the powerful features of the desktop version straight to your mobile device. The user friendly mobile interface leads to quick user adoption, no matter which mobile platform you prefer.


Approve documents such as:eWF-icon-Apple-app-Green

  • Purchasing expenditure against the correct cost centre with budget checking,
  • Creation and/or changes in master data e.g. customers, vendors and bank detail, ledger accounts and stock items and
  • Checking customer balances and approval increase or decrease credit limits. Manage your work life in terms of:
  • Availability and periods of absence
  • Substitution to perform your roles in processes


Create transactions such as:

  • Expense re-imbursement e.g. a business lunch where the employee sends an image of the bill to the office and the expense approval process is started and
  • Logging of maintenance issues e.g. on a site where repairs need to done an image and short description can initiate the process.

Work-life Management:

Manage your work life in terms of:

  • Availability and periods of absence
  • Substitution to perform your roles in processes

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