The needs of a CFO have remained the same, but have his tools evolved?

It’s no secret that the commoditization (software as a commodity) of IT has been driven into our work culture by our smartphones and the fast-growing pace of smart apps available to us as individuals. Your typical CFO is no different than a millennial in that he also wants his business information, processing power and controls visible on his mobile device just like he is able to monitor his health data/kid’s movements/news feeds from there.


Your typical mid-sized ERP is slow at pushing information to CFO’s and with the innovation around their products if you compare it to the typical App culture we are getting used to. At AccTech we recognise this, but we have always believed in best of breed, especially in our mid-market solution range. We are thus very proud to bring 2 state-of-the art technologies together to satisfy the CFO. Launching Sage 300cloud on the Microsoft Azure Platform. It won’t require any training or change management since all users and controllers are already “millenialised” with Apps and smart devices.


How we are making the traditional CFO tools available on this modern platform:


  • Access the Sage 300cloud application through any device anywhere (Yes, Sage 300cloud is now a true web application and can even be accessed via your Mobile Phone) Fig 1 and 2


  • Make use of Business Intelligence Apps like Sage Enterprize Intelligence and Microsoft Power BI which delivers dashboards via True Mobile Apps (See Sage Enterprise Intelligence and Power Bi from your Appstore), Power Bi Example att.


  • Make use of Microsoft Power Apps to easily run routine Jobs and Macro’s like Day End processes and Batch Postings/ Validations via your mobile device, which will give you real time visibility


  • Use the Azure Management App to save costs on machine runtime, check routine IT tasks and stay in control of your IT anywhere.


  • Benefit of the strong internal controls available within Sage 300cloud


  • For those users having to capture thousands of transactions per day, don’t despair, Sage 300cloud has your back covered. The traditional FAT client entry screens are still available and will be for a long time, since this is an accounting system! We deliver these entry screens with Remote desktop connections to the Azure platform so you won’t have any more night rider speed issues.


  • Make use of the hundreds of tightly integrated 3rd party solutions around Sage 300cloud which gives us a close to 100% fit for any SME out there.


  • Manage your entire business from your Sage 300cloud Widgets and dashboards.