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Customers come first

AccTech Systems is a professional services firm. We pride ourselves on the quality of our consultants’ work and strive continually meet and exceed our customers’ service expectations.

The customer feedback comments on our website are actual comments from our customers received during our customer satisfaction index (CSI) calls. Our CSI program is based on the international customer loyalty metric, Net Promoter ®, commonly referred to as NPS®.

Why is this important to AccTech

It provides independent feedback: Net Promoter ® Score is a core metric for feedback from our customers. It’s an independent measurement of our service, and the feedback to AccTech’s executive team is not tainted by hearsay on the status of a project from the servicing consultant or customer director.

It touches all that we do: Every solved support case from our service-desk; every person that receives training at our training centre and every single current project receive NPS ® calls. No aspect of our service is left unmeasured. Is your current Sage ERP or Microsoft service provider measuring their service in this way?

Leads to prompt Issue resolution: Our NPS ® calls with negative outcomes enjoy the highest priority in issue resolution.