4th Industrial Revolution


What will the FOURTH Industrial Revolution mean for your business?



Simply: It will touch your business at FOUR places.

  • PEOPLE: Your Employees and the future skills market.
  • PARTNERS: Customers and suppliers.
  • PRODUCTS: How to not redesign your products, but new go-to-market strategy for the future partners.
  • PROCEDURES: Operational efficiencies.


What of Industry 4 can influence my business?

AI Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Additive Manufacturing, Mobile, Innovation, Mobile Commerce, Social Media, VoIP, Connected World, VR Virtual Reality, Big Data, Deep Learning, Autonomous Robots, Simulation, System Integration, IoT Internet of Thing, Millennials.


Can I ignore this?

The answer is simple: Your opposition will adopt this… and it will touch on your People (staff), your Partners (Customers and Suppliers) and your Products offering.


The third industrial revolution was known as the digital revolution and it involved the development of computers and IT (information technology) since the middle of the 20th century.

The fourth industrial revolution has developed out of this but is considered a new era rather than an extension because of the massive impact of its development and the disruptiveness of its technologies.

The possibilities of millions of people connected with mobile devices, with unparalleled processing power, huge storage capacity, and access to information, are limitless. All these possibilities are multiplied with newly developed technology breakthroughs in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, 3-D printing, energy storage, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science and quantum computing.

One of the major effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is increased human and business productivity.

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