Forestry Contractors

Forestry contractors face many challenges daily that need to be effectively managed to ensure a successful business. Some of the typical operational problems contractors in the timber industry might face include:


  • Capturing of team production information
  • Loss of information due to duplication effort
  • Struggling to get accurate invoices out to the client on time
  • Tracking attendance and costs
  • Tracking of Hectares worked
  • Tracking of poles or logs moved from compartment to client


With the AccTech Forestry Contractors solution contractors can manage the entire life cycle of forestry tracking from Siviculture to Harvesting. Solutions include:


  • Capturing information once correct to source
  • Managing information in processes to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Ensuring full tracking of activity by processing information infield on mobile devices and then integrate this into the various ERP Transactions as an input
  • Simple user input screens to ensure data completeness and accuracy
  • Belt clip barcoding of poles / logs
  • Stock movement by means of barcode tracking
    • Log Barcoding
    • Scanning of stock as it moves from infield to roadside
    • Track Stock moved from roadside to client by scanning logs / poles attached to vehicle for full circle tracking
    • Attach weigh bridge slip as scanned image for POD
    • Invoice client with complete detailed information on pre-agreed intervals


Manage your teams with scheduling and track work performed, even from a mobile device. Items like pitting and planting, weed control, thinning, pruning and clearfell can be managed and tracked. Track harvesting stock by compartment in real-time as it moves from fell in compartment to roadside to delivered to client, minimizing risk of unbilled for work. Manage PO from customer to invoice to customer process.


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