AccTech eWorkflow 2013 Contract Management Module

AccTech eWorkflow 2013 Contract Management Module

Any business, regardless of its size, needs to proactively manage the contracts it signs with their various service providers.   Commonly these service providers deliver mission critical products and services to the business and non-payment of a vendor invoice could have a crippling effect on your ability to render products and services to your customers.

The automation of the Accounts Payable process holds valuable advantages to any organisation’s procure-to-pay cycle. AccTech’s eWorkflow 2013 assists in the improvement of productivity, minimising per-invoice costs, achievement of fast payment discounts and accelerates the process of payments. The supplier Contract Management Module in AccTech’s eWorkflow 2013 application, controls the maintenance, billing and payment of supplier contracts and monthly commitments.

 Benefits of the Contract Management Module.

The eWorkflow 2013 Contract Management module provides the user the capability to register a new contract in eWorkflow 2013. The contract master creation, follows an eWorkflow authorisation process, enabling the capturing of the contract details and authorisation thereof.

All the valuable information pertaining to the contract is stored in the system.

screenshot1AccTech eWorkflow 2013 contract master creation form

To create a new contract you can now capture the following important details:

  • Contract Type: Indication of whether the contract payments are Fixed Amounts or Variable Amounts or Both
  • Contract Status: Indication of whether the contract status is active or inactive
  • Agreement Type: Indication of whether the Agreement Type is Contractual or Financial Lease
  • Vendor ID: Select the Vendor ID by Clicking on the Finder
  • Vendor Name: The vendor name of the selected vendor is displayed here
  • Notice Period: Enter the Notice Period for cancellation of a Contract
  • Payment Timeframe: Specify the Payment Timing – in advance or arrears
  • Expiry Date: Select from the Date Picker the last day of the Contract being in effect.

AP Contract payments in eWorkflow 2013

As a second step in the eWorkflow 2013 Contract Management module the user is provided with the capability to complete the contract payment process. Authorised contracts due for payment, that will appear as listed items on the contract payments form.

screenshot11eWorkflow 2013 contract payment form

 The AP Contract Payment listed fields are:

  • Bank: Select the Bank to pay from
  • Description: Enter a Payment description
  • Select contract to pay: Tick the Checkboxes on the left of the screen for each Contract that should be paid
  • Variable Amount: Enter any Variable Amounts per Contract Payment, if applicable.

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