Drive your business with peace of mind that your data is secure, always available and optimally running at all times


It doesn’t matter if you have an on premise, hybrid or Microsoft cloud ERP solution, DBA as a service –  can assist in managing and monitoring any ERP data platform. While data is ever increasing, “knotting” and causing slow responses, it has never been more critical for companies to have innovative proactive monitoring in today’s ever-changing world, to meet the requirements to secure and manage their ERP data.

By providing regular benchmark testing on your database’s performance in accordance to Microsoft best business practices, the focus can then be on prevention rather than cure. At the heart of it all lies a continues process of proactively managing your databases by fine tuning them to improve and uphold a high standard of performance.

This enables companies to predict problematic areas in advance, do accurate forecasts on the infrastructure costs for future expansions, and ultimately have the offering to ensure that your data is secured and maintained


Pre-emptive Operational Database Management

  • Monitor logs, space allocation and usage management of database structure
  • Plan, implement and regulate monitoring backup processes
  • Database software upgrades, fixes, patches and re- installation

Security Management

  • Acquire and deploy hardware in just a few Secure your data from unlawful people to access your databases.
  • Full lock down of your database
  • Enable backup and disaster recovery fast and seamlessly

Constant Optimisation on your Databases

  • Database monitoring on multi-pool KPI’s to identify potential performance issues

  • Fault management and troubleshooting of any suspicious activity

  • Fixing of critical issues emerging during normal and abnormal process

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