Data Enablement

AccTech’s Data manager is a toolset out of our Data Management methodology, accompanied by professional services for outsourced implementation, or client-resourced projects which include training, hand-holding and support.

AccTech’s Data Manager Solutions were born out of a frustration with how data environments are typically setup with an abundance of manual processes, governance that is more restrictive than enabling, and misaligned priorities between those that want to build analytics efficiently, those that want to consume analytics and those that need to govern the data.                                                                  All of this alongside data that is generally of a less-than-satisfactory quality, drove the innovation journey within AccTech. We incorporate the various role players in solution implementation, including the development team and business data stewards. Ultimately, the solutions achieve the following objectives:

  • Place responsibility for the data where it belongs: in the hands of those that create it and eventually use it to make decisions
  • Provide automation to make the process of building data solutions highly efficient to ensure that business users remain interested throughout the development process
  • governance is integrated into the solution so that transparency is created organically as solutions are developed and not as a separate, independent component.

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