D365 User Types


Decide your type of user

Dynamics 365 has made licensing simpler by allowing you to decide if your work requires access to most of the functions in an app (Full User) or just a few (Light User), proving that flexibility is power.


Full Users

Full users, or “Power Users”, need access to multiple applications in various areas of functionality. Typically, these users are employed in positions including sales employees, customer service representatives, controllers, finance employees and supply chain managers.  The Dynamics 365 license model was designed for full users who choose to be licensed with either a Dynamics 365 application subscription or a Dynamics 365 Plan.


The application subscription price includes:

  • Full use of the application,
  • Dual use rights of the on-premises software,
  • PowerApps app platform capabilities,
  • Team Members use rights for light engagement with any other Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition application.


Team Member Users

Team Member users can be referred to as “Light users” that may have access to read/review reports or data from line of business systems. They can also complete light tasks like time/expense entry and HR record updates.


The price of the Team Members subscription for light users includes:

  • Read access to any Dynamics 365 application data, knowledge management, portal, light task management, and PowerApps using Dynamics 365 data.