Case Management Software


Case Management


Case management is a collaborative online process that plans, assesses, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet a client’s needs. Customer requests and issues are tracked by creating individual support cases. When a customer contacts support with a question or problem, support agents can quickly check if there is an existing case or open a new case and start tracking the issue. Agents can then escalate, reassign, or put a case back into the service queue if there is not sufficient information or resources available.


SLA (service level agreement) contracts are loaded in a CRM which enables escalations to be completed automatically through the case management system. Agents can see if a customer has prepaid hours as well as if their account is on hold. The “dedicated” consultant for that specific customer can also be seen at the same view/screen.


Effective Case Management Software also allows you to:

  • View exactly what products, versions and modules the customer has
  • Setup various queues to manage the activities and cases
  • Organize, prioritize and monitor the progress of the cases
  • Use dashboards to have a single view of all the cases
  • Make fast, informed decisions