Branch Accounting


In this continuously challenging economy, businesses strive to optimise their exposure by infiltrating markets in different ways. One of which, is to expand their business by opening affiliated branches, but with the pre-requisite that the head office remains the reporting and controlling entity. These branches are either situated locally or nationally, making the control and management of these respective branches a logistical nightmare, especially when it comes to the financial and operational procedures.


Branch Accounting is often met with resistance from businesses because it usually involves manual consolidation of financial accounts, which results in a time consuming and costly exercise. Thus, the solution to the resistance is to offer a product that ensures the frequent synchronisation of financial information for optimal performance, productivity and accuracy within your branch accounting environment.


Organisations that have branches in multiple locations may encounter difficulties in optimising operational efficiencies and control within their various branches. The accounting departments of these organisations understand the difficulty in maintaining correct and up to date financial information for the different branches. Branch Accounting is a new bi-directional synchronisation tool that delivers all the benefits of working locally at branch level, and also ensures that all the financial information is automatically synchronised to the head office. The Sage 200 Evolution Branch Accounting solution reduces complexity while improving productivity.


Sage 200 Evolution – Branch Accounting

  • Branch Accounting concept – Head Office and Branch hierarchy structure
  • Consolidated reporting by default
  • Profitability by branch,  stock availability,  debtors,  assets,  cash and bank management
  • Multi Warehousing capabilities,  different costing methods per location
  • Inter-branch transfers and loan account processing
  • Solution caters for centralised and decentralised environments.  (offline – online capabilities)
  • Seamless Scheduled real time synchronisation ,  across different time zones
  • Up to 1400 branches – part of hierchary
  • Data synchronisation monitor ,  visibility of status and health check
  • Advanced technology for data encryption
  • Migration tool from standard to branch accounting
  • Controlled access control by user by branch