AccTech Capital Budgeting

Capital BudgetsAccTech Capital Budgets is a rich Budgeting Facility which enhances your Fixed Asset Management solution. This user-friendly application allows you to create budgets on multiple levels and to specify the exact detail of each budgeted asset per asset class, account, responsible person, division or location; a level of detail not possible in the General Ledger.

Multi-Level Budgeting:

Budgeting and Budget approvals:

The lowest level of budgeting is at an item level. Each user, division or cost centre can budget specific items for capital expenditure and submit them for approval through AccTech’s eWorkflow.NET solution. After approval of the budget and its items, the user can then select a budgeted item during the workflow procurement process, ensuring effective budget control and accurate budgeting. Unbudgeted items would typically be purchased through a stricter approval process.

Asset Purchasing and Receipting:

The purchasing and receipting processes also occur in AccTech eWorkflow.NET, where all the necessary transactions integrate to the Sage ERP financial system.

Updating of the Asset Register:

Asset register additions will be automatically created with all the details collated during the budgeting and procurement phases, to complete the full circle solution for effective fixed asset management.

! Feature Highlights:

AccTech Capital Budgets allows you to input or import budgets and allocate them across periods for the phasing of budgets and sub-budgets. Phasing into various periods assists with expenditure analysis and commitment reporting. Ceding of items between budgets is one of the key features of the product. An item’s value can be ceded to another item or items in a completely different budget or category. Also, one or more items can be ceded as one item in another budget. This gives you the flexibility to rectify or change a budget in a controlled manner and to adapt to changes and needs in the business as they arise.

With AccTech Capital Budgets you can:

  • Budget at an item level
  • Allow for ceding of budgets and items
  • Manage budget security with full Audit Trails
  • Enhance Fixed Asset management information, analytics and forecast modelling
  • Produce accurate commitment and forecast reporting
  • Do bulk budgeting
  • Requisition, Purchase and Receipt assets using AccTech eWorkflow.NET processes
  • Seamlessly integrate your Sage ERP and Asset Management systems
  • Manage capital Work in Progress
  • Capital Work in Progress

Capital Work in Progress budgets can be configured in multiple levels where each level contains multiple forecasted procurement items for a project that will be capitalised on completion. Costs for the project such as procured items, labour and other expenses are recorded against the Work in Progress Capital Budget. Once the Work in Progress is complete, the system provides the capabilities to capitalise the expenditure items as one asset or as sub-assets. The process can be performed in bulk with a simple selection of the Work in Progress level with the option to include budgeted items for capitalisation.

Easily determine values, allocations and phasing at budget item level.


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