AccTech Internal Requisitions – features

AccTech Systems Development
AccTech Internal Requisitions also known as Internal Stock Requisition, developed in the Accpac SDK, takes care of requirements where companies want to issue or request stock to Internal Cost Centres. Our fresh new approach to Internal Issues will take away all the headaches you had with previous applications of this nature: No more clearing or suspense Accounts; and Friendlier database for streamlined reporting and maintenance purposes.

Other features include:

  • Quantity on Order and caters for backorders where no stock is available on hand
  • Shipment screens are kept simple to provide fast and easy user entry
  • Inquiry screens to lookup completed orders and history
  • Flexible reporting

AccTech eWorkflow module seamlessly integrates with AccTech Internal Stock Requisitions. Using AccTech eWorkflow with Internal Stock requisitions brings the following additional functionality to the table:

  • Commitment accounting for the Stock Items on the General Ledger Actuals and Budgets
  • Stock Items Committed within the Workflow process
  • Rule based Management of Exceptions
  • Foolproof user interface

AccTech Internal Requisitions


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