AccTech Internal Requisitions

AccTech Systems Development
AccTech Internal Requisitions also known as Internal Stock Requisition, developed in the Accpac SDK, takes care of requirements where companies want to issue or request stock to Internal Cost Centres. Our fresh new approach to Internal Issues will take away all the headaches you had with previous applications of this nature: No more clearing or suspense Accounts; and Friendlier database for streamlined reporting and maintenance purposes.

In order to eliminate the unnecessary use of Accpac’s Optional Fields, the Cost Centre Code has been designed in such a way as to allow expense reporting from not only the General Ledger level, but from an additional 10 levels, into the specific cost centre. As result, the maintenance of Cost Centres is extremely user friendly and master-files from previous releases can easily be imported and exported.

Like any other Accpac distribution modules, AccTech Internal Stock Requisitions (IQ) is real-time when it comes to stock quantities. Once internal requisition documents are posted it will be sent to the General Ledger on Accpac’s standard day-end processing.

With AccTech Internal Stock Requisitions there is no dependency on Accpac Order Entry or Accounts Receivable. This not only simplifies the process but also results in cost savings to customers. Internal Stock Requisitions can operate in an environment where an Accpac user ships stock to external clients and needs the functionality to issue stock to internal cost centres.

The framework allows for extensive data analysis and reporting on cost centres. Reports to ship with the module would include:

  • Expenditure report by any segment as created within Internal Requisitions
  • Expenditure report by GL account segment as defined in Accpac GL

Download the complete AccTech Internal Requisitions brochure