EPM Compact

AccTech Systems Enterprise Project Management
AccTech EPM (Enterprise Project Management) Compact enables you to effectively manage and prioritize projects and resources across your organization helping you to gain visibility, insight, and control across all projects. EPM Compact will lead to enhanced decision-making, an alignment with organisational strategy, the maximizing of resource utilization, and ultimately an increase operational efficiency.

AccTech EPM Compact is a cost effective out-of-the-box product built on proven Project Management Principles and Methodologies. It enables the Project Management office to effectively manage Enterprise Project with unique views, Data Analysis Reports as well as SQL Reporting Services Reports.

The Project Manager can plan, analyse, prioritize and automatically assign work to resources, freeing up time to focus on the management of the project. The Resource Manager can plan, track, analyse and forecast costs, materials, resource skills and the allocation thereof. Executives have a central view of all project-related information at hand for Management Meetings and decision making purposes.

AccTech EPM Compact provides the answer for the organization that cannot afford to wait months to have an Enterprise Project Management solution implemented.

AccTech EPM Compact addresses various common business problems:

  • Employees and executives do not have a central portal to identify, manage, and execute new projects;
  • There are no electronic workflow processes in place, governing various types of projects to allow for the prioritization and allocation of new projects within various constraints;
  • Newly identified projects are not processed and actioned upon intelligently as no real-time data on currently executing projects are available to assist with decision making;
  • Budgets cannot be accurately allocated to projects and tasks measured against predefined KPI’s aren’t followed in a structured manor with various checkpoints and/or approval processes.

Solution features:

  • AccTech EPM Compact is an Enterprise wide solution, yet the individual components can be installed in a phased approach;
  • AccTech EPM compact will give department heads a centralised view of all projects in that department;
  • Pre-built views allows the Project Manager to track budgets & actuals; view project details, project type, program summary, project category, project owner and projects by project phase. These view will greatly assist with planning, analysing and prioritizing projects and tasks;
  • AccTech EPM Compact provides the direction, the roadmap and the tools to deliver Projects successfully within any organisation.