AccTech MAPS

AccTech Systems Enterprise Project Management
A common problem within all organisations is that procedures and predefined methodologies are not followed within a specific framework for commissioned projects, programs of work or ADHOC tasks. Executives simply do not have a central view of all initiatives currently in progress, often resulting in the misallocation of funds and resources towards new and sometimes less important projects. AccTech MAPS provides the answer to complete Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Task Management.

AccTech MAPS (Microsoft Application Project Solution)

Application components of the AccTech MAPS system:

  • Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007
  • Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, better known as Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 add-on, developed by AccTech
  • Central Task Management system (CTM), developed by AccTech, running on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

AccTech MAPS addresses various common business pain points:

  • Employees and executives do not have a central portal to identify, manage, and execute new projects;
  • There are no electronically managed workflow processes in place, governing various types of projects that allow for the prioritization and allocation of new projects within various constraints in the organization;
  • Newly identified projects are not processed and actioned upon intelligently as no real-time data on currently executing projects are available to assist with decision making;
  • Budgets cannot be accurately allocated to projects and tasks measured against predefined KPI’s aren’t followed in a structured manor with various checkpoints and/or approval processes;
  • The identification of strategic objectives and business drivers identified and mapped against a specific project needs to be reinvented for every new initiative, resulting in incoherent procedures across the enterprise, and ultimately time and money wastage;
  • Prioritization of portfolios are cumbersome as all documentation related towards a specific project is locked away in desolate silos of information;
  • Central tasks management is not possible as processes are followed using paper trails or disparate systems;
  • Risk, health, safety and quality matrixes allow for quick adoption, but are managed through paper.

Steps involved in the logging of business cases in EPM for pending projects:

  • Load the idea / project proposal into site with approval steps;
  • Business case gets loaded defining the real business need;
  • The loading of additional project information;
  • Defining the benefit the organisation will derive from a successful project;
  • Documenting the information required for the pending project;
  • Maintenance of additional information, such as CAPEX expenditure required for pending project;
  • Detailed resource allocation for pending project.

Solution features:

  • AccTech MAPS is an Enterprise solution, but the individual components can be installed separately as well;
  • Departmental sites allow for strict control as executives have a bird’s eye view of all employee tasks via the integrated Central Task Management component;
  • The Central Task Management Component integrates all tasks from the project, program, site and ADHOC tasks into a integrated site or with a add-on which resides in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, making Outlook or the site the central viewing portal of task information;
  • Pre-built risk, health, safety and quality matrixes allow for quick adoption;
  • Approval cycles are managed with predefined security rules, speeding up the decision making process and tracking all related documents utilized in the approval process;
  • Real-time project data analysis in user defined Business Intelligence Dashboards, allows for accurate business decisions and the correct allocation of resources and budgets for pending projects.