Enterprise Asset Management – Product Range

AccTech Systems in Partnership with Assetware Technology brings you the ultimate in comprehensive asset management products and solutions designed for the medium business to large business and multinational corporations.

Technical Information

Products run in all supported Windows PC and server, Citrix and Terminal Services environments.

The database used is MS SQL Server. For smaller businesses, products will run on MSDE or MS SQL Express, available for free download from the Microsoft website. This provides clients with powerful functionality whilst maintaining a low cost of ownership.

Assetware Manager

The ultimate asset accounting solution for the medium to large business. Comprehensive, flexible, easy to use and fully compliant with the relevant Sarbanes-Oxley, IFRS and GAAP requirements. Assetware Reporter is also included in the Assetware Manager product.

Product Feature Highlights:

  • Procurements, Capital Improvements and Non-Capital expenses can be added towards a specific asset with full history tracking without creating additional assets
  • Change the estimated useful life of an asset
  • Units of production depreciation methods, along with production schedules, to maintain the production of different plans.
  • Revaluation of Assets – Gross of Net model
  • Impairment and reversal of impairment calculation, along with the appropriate transactions and journals.
  • Attach multiple images and documents for each asset – Including PDF and MS Office Documents
  • Data Gateway to apply any transaction in bulk using an excel type interface
  • Powerful calculation engine that can easily handle depreciation calculations for large registers
  • Grants received for assets can be tracked and reported against.
  • Multiple structure and account allocation
  • Project and Work in Progress tracking
  • Easy forecasting for procurements and depreciation
  • Accounting and Tax depreciation calculated individualy
  • Create journals with the appropriate GL accounts.
  • Physical Location and Responsible person tracking.


Assetware Manager has been developed as an open solution that allows easy integration with other software systems. We have developed strategic alliances with leading companies and offer readily available integrated solutions with their accounting packages.

For a customised solution the open design of Assetware Manager allows easy integration with virtually all software systems, and enables system integration to be completed quickly, cost-effectively and with minimum development time.

Assetware Manager Lite

The entry level Assetware Manager product, designed and priced for the smaller business. Ideal for spreadsheet users who want to cut costs and improve control through effective asset management.

Assetware Tracker

An asset tracking system using barcode and laser scanner technology. Allows you to manage your assets from point of delivery through to the physical verification of the asset location and cost centre deployment.Assetware Tracker enables you to manage assets from point of delivery through to physical verification of the asset location and cost centre deployment.


Assetware Tracker allows you to perform a full, partial or interim physical audit of your assets. Typically the audit information is sourced from Assetware Manager. It can also be sourced from external products using various data and connection options.

The system produces comprehensive and fully customisable physical auditing reports. These provide information about assets which were:

  • found
  • not found
  • found but not detailed within the source asset data
  • found but in a different location
  • duplicate barcodes
  • asset assignement to different people
  • assets moved to a different cost centre

This information and other exceptions are available in a variety of formats. The transactions resulting from the audit are then ready for verification and entry to Assetware Manager, or ready to be updated within an external data source.

Active and Passive RFID Tracking solutions are also available for Assetware Manager.

Making use of Assetware Tracker ensures the following benefits:

  • Fast delivery of accurate register of assets, classified to your reporting standards
  • Frees up your internal resources.
  • Physical verifications builds accurate understanding of your existing assets, and identifies problem areas.
  • Assetware Tracker Reconcile reduces time spent reconciling results of physical verification to your asset register
  • Promotes corporate governance by complying with various statutory requirements including GRAP, GAAP, IFRS, IAS, SARBOX and the PSFA.

AccTech Verification services

The sheer magnitude of an asset register reconciliation can be daunting. By combining well-tested procedures with Assetware Tracker can dramatically reduce the time and effort required. It makes the process more efficient and frees up your people to focus on other matters. To achieve these goals, Acctech uses Assetware Tracker along with tested methodologies, to manage the whole process.Verification steps Acctech recommends, using Assetware Tracker and Verification methodologies

  • Assessment of the current status of the asset and physical information
  • Agree which assets are to be included, the level of detail required. These are the fields that will be updated, once the verification is done using the scanners.
  • Review company policies and procedures, so that they fall in line with financial standards.
  • Multiple scanners can also be used at the same time, on the same scanning instance.
  • Use hand held scanners to verify all items in the designated area, and tag them with the appropriate Barcodes where needed.
  • Record all information required. Assetware Tracker allows you to update the asset information fields, while you are verifying the asset.
  • Sync information back to Assetware Tracker and compare data.
  • Print exception reports from Assetware Tracker. Standard Assetware Tracker exception reports includes information such as:
  • Assets found
  • Not found
  • Which data changed (such as barcodes, descriptions, serial numbers ect
  • What was the location the asset was found in
  • Who is responsible for the asset now.
  • Adjust the assets financials according to the findings, using appropriate financial methodologies.

Acctech has experienced teams that can do the verification from start to end. Or Acctech can manage the process, assisting staff with each step, and guiding them towards an accurate verification.

AccTech Capital Budgets

Acctech Capital Budgets ensure control over capital budgets, and the purchasing of assets using these budgets. This is essential to maintain the management of the fixed assets and new capital and to identify the assets by using barcodes before it is allocated. The Asset register will be automatically updated with financial, identification and allocation information. With the automation of the procurement to the register, reconciling between your financial system and fixed assets system is much easier.Full reporting functionality is available for actual, variance and commitments to the budgets.

Capital Workflow

A specifically designed eWorkflow module is used in conjunction with Capital Budgets to handle process control within capital budgeting and can track the expenditure to specific defined budgets… Advance security and levels of authority are also used and will ensure the implementation of policy, controls and procedures in the procurement of fixed assets.


Capital Budget Summary screen