AccTech Process Automation

What is AccTech Process Automation

AccTech Process Automation is a business process automation (BPA) solution that forms part of the digital transformation journey. It makes use of cloud-enabled technology to automate simplex or complex business processes. A business using AccTech Process Automation will have the ability to simplify their business by controlling data inputs, increase service delivery and quality, contain cost and improve overall productivity. It consists of integrating new and existing applications throughout the organization to achieve a centralized interface for all data workflows.  

If you categorize Business Process Management Software into three main categories, AccTech Process Automation focuses on all areas to enable companies an automated process no matter what the process or complexity is:

  • Integration-centric – support process improvements involving a high degree of interactions between applications at a system-level, rarely involving human participants.
  • Human-centric – focuses on the human element of the process while designing the workflow.
  1. A) People-intensive – normally consists of a high level of interactions between people involved in routing, approving and fulfilling requests.
  2. B) Decision-intensive – comprises thorough information gathering and timely invocation of applicable business rules and real-time analysis of business intelligence
  • Document-centric – makes use of scanned images or electronic documents to support approval, decision-making and planning efforts.

Where to start with your Business Process Automation Journey

  • Identify processes where it makes sense to automate
  • Take existing manual processes and start inserting our tools to improve them
  • Internal and External Engagements should be automated
  • Repetitive Tasks
  • Identify small tasks that can have a big time and performance impact
  • Connect various software solutions to enable streamlined central processes

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