Client Management – Business Challenges

AccTech Systems Professional Services
AccTech Systems is committed to providing professional services firms with a complete set of solutions to help them improve their bottom line. Working with industry experts in services businesses spanning accounting, audit, law, and business consulting, AccTech offers an integrated set of solutions to help firms address their current and emerging business challenges. AccTech can help professional services firms achieve operational excellence, improve practice management, and deliver a better client experience. This ultimately leads to higher firm revenue and profit.

Client Experience Management – Business Challenges

To develop and maintain a competitive edge, professional services firms need to focus on what’s most important-providing clients with exceptional service and a personalized experience. Increasingly, firms are seeing the need to actively monitor client satisfaction, compare service performance, and make investments that yield better results for clients, service teams and the firm. To this end, firms are exploring ways to use technology to cultivate client loyalty and elevate the organization from vendor to trusted advisor status. Key drivers behind this trend include:

  • Growing client expectations for service value
    The Internet and globalization are creating a worldwide market for professional services, escalating competitive pressure. In response, firms must keep client satisfaction high and solidify a reputation for delivering high-convenience and high-quality service.
  • Distant client relationships provide openings for competitors
    To foster and maintain client intimacy, firms need to help their professionals be highly available to clients and enable new levels of service convenience and transparency.
  • Inadequate controls over liabilities stemming from client service activities
    Data security, privacy concerns, and associated legislation have elevated the risk of transferring and storing sensitive client data. These risks have encouraged firms to invest in and publicize protective measures for client information.