Client Management – Business Benefits

AccTech Systems Professional Services
AccTech Systems is committed to providing professional services firms with a complete set of solutions to help them improve their bottom line. Working with industry experts in services businesses spanning accounting, audit, law, and business consulting, AccTech offers an integrated set of solutions to help firms address their current and emerging business challenges. AccTech can help professional services firms achieve operational excellence, improve practice management, and deliver a better client experience. This ultimately leads to higher firm revenue and profit.

Client Experience Management – Business Benefits

Microsoft’s integrated infrastructure provide your people with a range of client experience management solutions that add practical value, can increase client loyalty, lower client acquisition costs, give the client visibility into the firm’s progress on key deliverables, and lead to higher average profitability per client. With CEM solutions, professional services firms will be able to:

  • Make investments in technology that strengthen long term client relationships
    Access project information provided through the client-specific portal. This visibility helps build firm-client relationships. As customer needs change and demands increase, the flexible structure of the CEM solution enables firms to quickly adapt to changing internal and external needs, providing customers with the service that keeps them coming back.
  • Proactively manage client expectations
    Selectively publish the details of engagement management plans and progress via client extranets. Teams and clients gain the access and information they need for their specific projects, so that they can align expectations and ensure changes are made the way they want them, when the need them.
  • Give clients anytime, anywhere access
    Provide mobile access to team and client extranets to ensure that all parties have visibility into the same accurate, real-time information. Leverage the Office Suite of products to supply your clients with the tools they use every day, giving them a familiar, positive experience. By providing access to project-specific information anywhere, anytime, firms help keep professionals and clients up-to-date. As a result of all these services, the client will build a relationship with the firm as a trusted advisor rather than a vendor.
  • Promote innovation in client service to stand out from the crowd
    Integrate your infrastructure to differentiate your firm from the competition. Gain the flexibility to modify standard client extranets to innovate around client-specific business needs. By using forms-based workflows, firms can periodically survey client satisfaction to continuously improve of their service and offerings, improving customer satisfaction and giving firms the competitive edge.
  • Strengthen client relationships with the firm as a whole, not just individual employees
    Review current and historical projects, collaborate with service teams, and exchange relevant news and information By requesting clients’ feedback and incorporating it into service activities, firms builds trust and clients desire for a long-term relationship.
  • Ensure secure data transfer, reducing privacy risks
    Improve information security and client privacy by taking advantage of designated secure areas for document exchange and integrated data transfer. New file formats improve interoperability and simplify information sharing. By applying the information security policy to shared document repositories, you can deliver robust audit trails.
  • Increase the potential to realize higher average profitability per client
    Target information to client-specific concerns and issues. Responding quickly to clients’ needs drives satisfaction and builds loyalty. This enables firms to improve clients’ experience and inspire referrals-both of which helps reduce new client acquisition costs and grow revenue.