User orientated and cost-effective solution

AccTech Systems Non-profit Organisations

Sage ERP X3, a user oriented and cost-effective solutionSage ERP X3 is intuitive and user friendly thanks to its many built-in graphical components. The Sage Visual Processes editor is easy for users to get to learn and adapt thanks to its detailed and ready-to-use job sequences.

Sage ERP X3 can be adapted to suit your needs and your development as it can be deployed gradually and progressively. As it is easy to learn, training and change management time is reduced and its wide range of pre-configurations will also save time during set up.

Thanks to its quick implementation and low TCO, Sage ERP X3 provides a much quicker return on investment.

A management solution designed with the user in mind:

  • Navigation made easier by interactive graphical processes
  • Portals designed for specific roles with advanced performance indicators
  • Full integration of office tools
  • Powerful customization tools for more flexibility

A management solution centred on the Web:

  • A solution that can be accessed in real time with a simple internet browser, internally and externally
  • A dynamic, intuitive web 2.0 portal that provides easy access to ERP and external application data
  • A solution that makes it easy to integrate your branches and remote field offices as well as all your partners, donors, contractors, suppliers and beneficiaries
  • Interaction made easy with other business applications