Financial and Fund Accounting

AccTech Systems Non-profit Organisations

Sage ERP X3 provides an end-to-end management tool capable of managing and consolidating financials across multilanguage, multi-legislation and multicurrency regions including multiyear inbound and outbound grants. Grants, funds, assets and project accounting are all incorporated in the solution. Complex allocations can be effected on the fly to ensure obligations and encumbrances are effectively managed and reported. Multi-year life-of-project planning, budgeting and reporting capability is incorporated.

  • Field Offices or Branches are grouped by Country; each is represented by a separate but integrated company in its unique legislation
  • Funders, Grantors, Employees, and Consultants are created as Business Partners. A Statement can then be produced of the Business Partner’s account, reflecting all obligations as well as payments received

Sage ERP X3 configured for Not-for-Profits accommodates diverse sources of funding, meets highly specialized reporting requirements and produces up-to-date records for the many funds that are managed.