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AccTech Systems Non-profit Organisations

Preserving your differentiation in the market while taking advantage of standard best practices is key for your non-profit to remain competitive and grow. Your organization, processes and the unique way you manage your non-profit significantly contribute to that difference. Therefore, opting for a new management system should help you take better advantage of your unique strengths rather than standardize the way you’re doing business.

We know that while mid-sized organizations often require customized business applications to support their specific processes, (without investing in fastidious one-of-a-kind software developments), they also want to take advantage of the best standard practices in their industry.

Therefore we designed Sage ERP X3 for Non-profits to provide your company with both best-in-class NGO and Non-profit management features and in-depth process customization capabilities, while still providing the flexibility to easily further configure avoiding heavy custom developments. The result is a configured NGO offerings, that fulfils the standard requirements of NGO’s and NPO’s and is also easily adaptable to your organisations specific requirements.

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