Clear cut benefits for your non-profit

AccTech Systems Non Governmental Organisations

Sage ERP X3 is an integrated management solution that drives performance and will rise to the challenges facing your NFP or NGO by:

  • Helping control the effects of globalization related to international development, new market expansion, or changes in your management ecosystem
  • Running all of your company’s activities on one system and improving the efficiency of your processes
  • Making internal and external collaboration easier by increasing your ability to respond and anticipate
  • Improving stakeholder reporting and satisfaction
  • Guaranteeing a quick return on investment and controlling operating costs

With a network of 220 resellers and operations in over 55 countries, Sage ERP X3 has already gained over 3,300 customers and has over 180,000 users.

Delivering Value with Predictable Results:

  • Agility and visibility
  • Local and international development
  • Collaborative work and smooth operations
  • Flexible management and efficiency
  • Productivity and management of activity
  • Anticipation and operational excellence
  • Reduced costs and turnaround time
  • Operational intimacy

Drive your non-profit with Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 is the right ERP solution for Non-Profits and Non-Government Organizations with 50 to 5,000 employees that receive grants or awards and donations and who are involved with distribution, volunteering, research, development or relief.

Three reasons to invest:

1. Focus on productivity:

managing increasingly complex processes, constant pressure on time and costs.

2. Increasing need for visibility, flexibility and collaboration:

adjusting to a fluctuating demand, managing relationships, not just transactions, need to
improve project delivery.

3. Increasing need for global management:

cost reduction and expansion, gaining access to material and labour, increased complexity and compliance.

Sage ERP X3, clear cut benefits for your non-profit